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Engines run at high temperatures so it is essential to keep them cool, especially in the hot Summer months, otherwise they will overheat and this will result in expensive and unwanted repairs! The engine is surrounded by a jacket of liquid (coolant) which will help prevent this situation occurring. From time to time the coolant level will need checking to ensure that it has not dropped below the minimum marker on the plastic coolant chamber (header tank). There are two types of coolant – pink and blue – make sure that you know which is suitable for your vehicle!

During the cold Winter months, it is also very important to keep the coolant levels checked. When the car is stationary for quite a while the fluid in the “jacket” will start to freeze and if you only use water this could cause the engine block to crack, with the loss of lubricants and fuel, and this would render the engine useless!  Coolant, as supplied by the large motor accessory outlets, contains anti-freeze which prevents this happening.