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Driver Training for Car Licence (Category “B”)


Theory Test  Preparation

We offer help with theory test preparation through the use of our on-line partner “Theory Test Pro”. All students registered with us for training receive full access to this facility. We also offer in-car theory assistance if you need it.

Practical Test Preparation

We offer regular lessons of one hour, one and a half hours or two hours duration. During this time you would expect to reach the standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Your training would take place in both rural and urban locations and you could expect, in time, to drive to locations such as Monmouth or Gloucester using a mix of major and minor roads and dual carriageways.

Mock Practical Test

Having completed your Theory Test and having reached a competent level of driving we would carry out a mock practical test, much in the same way as an actual examiner would do on your real test. This would give us all an idea of your current standard, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses and would enable us to determine your test readiness.

Assessment Lessons

From time to time students come to us from outside the area or from another instructor . This would enable us to determine your future training requirements.

Semi-Intensive Courses

Everyone’s needs are different and sometimes it is necessary to “fast track” certain students if, for example, an employer requires a full licence holder as a condition of their employment. Availability permitting we may be prepared to offer such courses.

Our Cars

The vehicles we use are safe, modern and dual-controlled and are regularly serviced by VW main dealerships or to main dealer standards.