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Covid protection measures

In order to protect both students and instructors alike we have taken the following measures : Regular use of cabin sanitiser spray Cleansing of touch points (such as steering wheel, handbrake etc...) with sanitiser solution between lessons Temperature monitoring of...

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Driving lessons update

We have now resumed lessons but are concentrating on assisting students whose tests and training was put on hold by Covid-19. As a result unfortunately we have little availability at this point in time for new students. In the meantime if you would like to be placed...

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Resuming driving lessons update

The Welsh Government have now relaxed the driving restrictions within Wales though no new tests are yet on offer. Once we receive the infra-red temperature monitor we will be in a position to rebook lessons (we are informed that it is on the way to us)

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Resuming of driving lessons

The UK Government has finally given its approval for Driving Instructors to resume lessons in England from 4th July provided they are carried out in a Covid secure way. We have taken a number of steps to safeguard the health of both students and us alike so we should...

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Coronavirus Update

In the light of recent statistics the Government is currently considering reducing the social distancing requirement from 2m to maybe 1m. This is good news for many - especially in the area of hospitality. Unfortunately this doesn't yet make it safe for us to resume...

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