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Our old website has been quietly decaying in a forgotten corner of the ‘InterWeb’ for several years. We hadn’t really realised that it had fallen so far behind, until a friend and professional webdesigner at GreenSiteDesign pointed out how much the world had changed.

It is easy to forget that the World Wide Web has only been with us since 1990 and Social Media actually started with something called Friendster (no it didn’t last long enough to start walking properly). It wasn’t until Facebook arrived on the scene in 2006 that things began to really take off (actually Facebook started in Harvard University at first, breaking out elsewhere two years later).

So much for that little snapshot of history, move forward ten years after Facebook and everybody’s talking to everyone else in binary. Our new site went live on 28th May 2016, it is packed with information and is destined to grow even further in the months ahead. We hope that you will find it useful as an aid to your driving instruction and would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to comment on it.

You will find comment forms on ‘blog’ posts, so feel free to make use of them, we will publish your comments after the usual careful moderation. This resource is for you and your friends, so please share anything that you feel may be of interest to them.

Safe Driving!

Pauline and Malcolm