Mile End Rd, Coleford GL16 7QD Mobile: 07733 104 062 (Malcolm) / 07733 104 758 (Pauline)

We always welcome new enquiries and look forward to helping you/your family member obtain their car licence.

At the moment, however, following lockdowns we are experiencing a considerable backlog of students either waiting to start their training or who are ‘test ready’ and are having to wait for a long dated test appointment, thereby filling our training slots. This is far from satisfactory but unfortunately is beyond our control. Hopefully the situation will ease in time but please bear with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime please let us have your contact details (Name, mob no & e-mail address) so that we can place you on our waiting list. Also, importantly, we need to know your usual availability so that we can match our availability to yours when training slots become available. Please also let us know if you have yet to pass your theory test so that we can set you up as a user on Theory Test Pro – an on-line learning resource – so that you can be studying your driver theory.

Please e-mail to info@paulineandmalcolmsdrivingschool.co.uk

Thank you for your patience !