Mile End Rd, Coleford GL16 7QD Mobile: 07733 104 062 (Malcolm) / 07733 104 758 (Pauline)

Unfortunately the estimated time before we could start a new student is now in the region of eight weeks (probably longer if you are only able to do evenings and weekends which are prime time slots)!

There has been an unprecedented demand for our services over recent months so if you are happy to wait that’s fine – we will slot you in ASAP. Have you passed your theory test yet ? If not let us know so that we can set you up on Theory Test Pro so that you can maybe get that under your belt.

We would strongly suggest that you send us an enquiry via the website rather than leaving a message on the landline as it may be over a week before we are able to respond due to our heavy workload!

To save having to send many e-mails to and fro please let us know the following:

Name, Address (incl post code), Home tel no, Mobile no, Driving licence no & National Insurance no (or “check code” see link below)

If your driving licence shows an old address we will need to have that too!

Please note that, following the decision to scrap the paper counterpart licence, we now have to check your licence entitlements on-line – see https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. This is to safeguard all concerned and to satisfy the requirements of our insurers.