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Need to apply for your first provisional licence ?


Click here to apply for your licence (Link)


Not sure where to book or take your theory test ?

(some “legitimate looking” websites will charge you a large fee!)

Click here to book your theory test avoiding extra cost (Link)

Find your nearest theory test centre (Link)

Are you ready to take a practical test ?

The national standard for driving cars publication tells you everything you must be able to do to pass the test (Click here for more). Only take your test when you can  drive independently and safely without any prompting from us!


Practical driving tests 

Please note that it is our policy to book all practical tests where our training vehicles are being used. This ensures that we are not double booked and that the cars are available for your use. Please download a test booking form, complete and return to us together with the test and booking fee (currently £62)

If you are proposing taking your practical test in your own car you can book it here (Link)

To take your test in your own car you must ensure that it is safe and legal and that it is fully compliant for test purposes – to find out more click here (Link)

Please supply an interior mirror for the examiner’s use.



Change a practical driving test appointment 

Occasionally it may be necessary to change the date of your practical test. Perhaps you are not yet ready, for example.

You will need to locate your driving licence number and booking reference number from the original booking confirmation letter – remember to ensure that it is changed by the date shown on the letter (“last change date”) otherwise you will lose your fee!

Click here to change your test date (Link)


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Downloadable Documents

You can now easily download a number of useful documents straight from our website to print at home.

The following files are available in PDF format:

  • Helping young people learn to drive (RoSPA) (Link)
  • “The Honest Truth” guide to safe driving for young people  (Link)
  • Test Booking Form and Conditions (Link)
  • “Tell Me” questions (new test) (Link)
  • “Show Me” questions (new test) (Link)
  • Driving at Work (HSE) (Link)


All of our clients can take advantage of the Theory Test Pro online practice facility.

Theory Test Pro uses official content directly from the DVSA. They update their question bank automatically whenever the DVSA issues a new set of questions.

Just click the image below!

Taking a practical test in your own car – matters to consider

• Is your car suitable to use for test purposes? The following link will provide you with some useful information: (Click here)

• Ensure that your car is legal for use on the roads – is it properly taxed, insured for test purposes (might be worth a phone call to your insurers), does it have a current MOT, are the tyres compliant with current regulations? (Click here)
(Take along your MOT certificate for the examiner to see if required)
• Is your car subject to any recent manufacturers’ recalls and if so have they been attended to? (Take along proof that the work has been carried out eg motor dealer’s invoice or work sheet)
• Is your car mechanically sound – has it been serviced recently, have you topped up the fuel, engine oil, coolant and windscreen wash? Are there any warning lights showing? What is the condition of the windscreen wipers? Check tyre pressures!
• Ensure that your car is clean and tidy inside and out (especially windows and lights)
• Obtain an interior mirror (suction type) for the examiner’s use whilst on test
• Remember to take along your provisional (photo card) driving licence and theory pass certificate (if available – though these are seldom checked nowadays). If a new photo card licence has not been issued to you take along your old style licence together with a current passport.
• If you use glasses or contact lenses for distant vision they must be worn on your test. Have you had an eyesight test recently? If not it might be worthwhile having an up to date assessment as you may be in need of a stronger prescription to meet the legal requirements – (Click here)

• Do ensure that you have had something to eat before you set off for your test – this aids concentration!




Cancellation tests 

We understand that occasionally the waiting time for a driving test can be considerable, so we have no objection in principle to you seeking an earlier date if one becomes available. However, please check with us before changing your original booking to ensure that (a) we agree to you bringing the test forward (are you really going to be ready?), and (b) we, and the training vehicle, are actually available at the time of your new test appointment.

If you are proposing using your own vehicle instead (and you are being accompanied by someone else) there is obviously no need to check with us – but we would appreciate knowing your intentions so that we can release the original test date slot in our diary!

Please note we cannot be held liable for any loss of fee, due to our non-availability, where you have booked a short notice cancellation test appointment without obtaining our consent!

Click here to look for a cancellation test date (Link)

Learners – would you like a motorway lesson (available from 4th June 2018) ?

Please click the link to the relevant DVSA page for more information (Link).

Please contact us if you are interested !

Interested in taking Pass Plus?

Please click the link to the relevant DVSA page for more information (Link).

We are Pass Plus Registered Approved Driving Instructors so please contact us if you have passed your driving test within the last year!

Passed your test and just want a motorway lesson?

We are well placed in this area to gain access to the motorway network with M32, M4, M5 and M50 motorways all within a short drive.

Please e-mail us if you are interested in our three hour motorway lesson.


You think you are a good driver then prove it!

Why not let us train you to take an advanced driving test using the Police method of driving “Roadcraft” as used by RoSPA (Link) or IAM (Link) – see below.

The test is more subjective than the normal driving test but to attain a high grade the examiner is seeking an above average standard of competance accompanied by considerable finesse!  Please e-mail us for more information if you are interested.


Change the address on your driving licence

You can be fined up to £1,000 if you don’t tell DVLA when your address changes.

Click here to change the address on your licence (Link)


Driving in Great Britain with a Non GB Licence

The regulations vary depending on the Country in which the licence was obtained

Click here to find out about the acceptability of your non GB licence (Link)