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In the light of recent statistics the Government is currently considering reducing the social distancing requirement from 2m to maybe 1m. This is good news for many – especially in the area of hospitality. Unfortunately this doesn’t yet make it safe for us to resume driving lessons and test preparation as we need to ensure that it is safe to operate at considerably less than 1m. Indeed we could still be subject to police prosecution for operating in contravention of the law and could also risk losing our licence to teach (only key workers can receive tuition at the moment)!

The DVSA (the testing body) have recently cancelled all booked tests (both theory and practical) until further notice (with the exception of tests for key workers). They will only be reinstated when the Department for Transport gives their approval.

We look forward to resuming lessons when we are allowed to. In the meantime we have purchased a range of in-car sanitisers and disposable seat covers and have even investigated the possibility of installing a protective screen between the driver and passenger (unfortunately the insurance underwriters have yet to sanction this particular modification to our cars).