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Russell to come on board

Russell to come on board

Introducing our son, Russell. Russell is already a valued member of our team. He currently assists us with our Social Media/advertising and is also a formidable valeter (having previously worked for a Gloucester main car dealership). He regularly returns our cars to...

Government’s Covid 19 Roadmap

According to the Government’s Covid Response Document dated February 2021 and provided public health data permits, driving lessons and testing are likely to resume from 12th April.

Covid 19 tier four lockdown

Yet again we are now forced to close. We don’t take this decision out of choice but as a responsible business have no other option until we receive guidance from the Government that it is safe to open up again. All updates will be made both via this blog page...

Covid protection measures

In order to protect both students and instructors alike we have taken the following measures : Regular use of cabin sanitiser spray Cleansing of touch points (such as steering wheel, handbrake etc…) with sanitiser solution between lessons Temperature monitoring...

Driving lessons update

We have now resumed lessons but are concentrating on assisting students whose tests and training was put on hold by Covid-19. As a result unfortunately we have little availability at this point in time for new students. In the meantime if you would like to be placed...

Resuming driving lessons update

The Welsh Government have now relaxed the driving restrictions within Wales though no new tests are yet on offer. Once we receive the infra-red temperature monitor we will be in a position to rebook lessons (we are informed that it is on the way to us)