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Every year we have the great pleasure of helping people of all ages to become safe and confident drivers. The testimonials on this page are written by some of the large number of ‘pupils’ that graduated through our driving school and became motorists. We feel very honoured to have taken part in that process and to have met so many lovely people.

Pauline & Malcolm


“I have really enjoyed myself while doing my lessons and Malcolm and Pauline gave me lots of confidence in my driving ability. I can’t thank you both enough for teaching me everything I need to learn so I could pass.”
Kayleigh Boyes


“Pauline was a wonderful instructor – very patient and created a calm environment which made learning to drive very enjoyable. I am very grateful to have had her as my driving instructor and would highly recommend her!”
Hebe Butcher

Newnham on Severn

“Malcolm and Pauline are very patient instructors, Teached me how to drive from zero experience with driving a car, very good explanation of all the thing’s even if English is not my first language. Highly recommendend, many thanks”
Dariusz Dunowski

Ross on Wye

“Pauline and Malcolm are fantastic and very patient teachers. As well as teaching me to drive, Pauline and Malcolm also taught me to drive on the motorway, which I now feel confident enough to do on my own. I would highly recommend them.”
Katherine Bunyan


“I have been learning with Malcolm and Pauline for nearly two years. I found it a real struggle to get through my test due to nerves and had to take it 7 times before passing. I am delighted to have finally passed my test and I couldn’t have done it without Malcolm and Pauline. It was hard to stay motivated but Malcolm and Pauline both encouraged me to keep at it and went the extra mile for me to ensure that I would get my licence! They have given me loads of confidence and are incredibly patient and down-to-earth. We always had a laugh and I got on with both of them brilliantly. They paid attention to the areas I needed to improve and worked hard to ensure that my driving skills were continuously improving and that I was gaining more confidence behind the wheel. Thanks for everything Pauline and Malcolm, I will keep in touch and will be doing my Pass Plus with you too! ”
Emma Blunt

Newnham on Severn

“Malcolm and Pauline are great teachers. They are friendly, thorough and supportive in their instructions with good flexibility in locations and picking up and dropping off. They gave me the chance to practice in a range of areas, learning the exam routes, testing round new areas and offering sound advice to help in my improvement as a driver. I have recommended them to friends and would do so again.”
Matthew Gregory


“After passing first time what more is there to say! Very friendly and patient teachers, taught me to be safe and allowed me to experience all test routes and more! I really enjoyed learning to drive and sad that it’s all now over. I would highly recommend to anyone willing to learn!!”
Georgina Gibbons


“I found Malcolm and Pauline to be very friendly and professional instructors. They were always incredibly helpful to me and really focused on helping me to pass my test and become a safe driver.”
Jesse Fleet


“I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of learning to drive with Malcolm, Pauline and Russel. They are very patient instructors that  will go out of their own ways to help you. They will never rush you into doing something that you do not want to do. They have lots of experience with all abilities of students and they are very professional in teaching students. All three of the instructors have supported me greatly throughout my time learning to drive and gave me a huge amount of confidence after passing my driving practical test too. All three instructors are approachable and extremely reliable.”
Britney Woodward


“Just wanted to say huge thanks for all your help and support, at such short notice, in helping Louise to pass her driving test.
We also have a son, who is 17 so will be contacting you in the future, for lessons for him. Also if any of my friends ask how Louise got on, I will definitely recommend you.”
Louise Ellis


“I can’t believe I passed my test!! Pauline and Malcolm are the best instructors you could ask for. They’ll never let you down, always think of you and they really want you to pass. Thank you very much Pauline, you knew how much it meant to me and I’m so glad I chose you.”
Jessica Guy

Upton Bishop

“Brilliant instructors. Very patient and give a lot of time. Definitely do not rush the process to allow excellent outcomes. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a good, safe pass.”
Ben Hawkins


Learning to drive with Malcolm and Pauline was an absolute pleasure, they ensure that you have the skills to drive far beyond just being able to pass your test in a very comfortable and relaxed environment!
Max Renouf-Watkins

Newnham on Severn

“Pauline and Malcolm’s Driving School has been lovely in helping me learn to drive and pass. All of the instructors are kind, patient and flexible. I would highly recommend they for anyone learning to drive !”
Lillian Gardner

Ross on Wye

“Couldn’t have done it without them! When learning to drive I was fortunate to have Pauline, Malcolm and Russell. I have had such an amazing experience with them and will highly recommend them to anyone that’s learning to drive. They made me feel more confident at the wheel.They make the learning more personal to suit you and adapt the learning to what best suits you. Outside of being driving instructors they are genuinely nice people.”
Jordan Cobley

Sling, Nr Coleford

“I have enjoyed learning to drive with Malcolm and Pauline. They are very friendly, chatting and patient people. They gave me so much confidence with learning to drive. They put in alot of time and effort in helping to pass the tests too. Would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Naomi Wright

Sling, Nr Coleford

“Through the two years I’ve been on and off learning to drive, Pauline and Malcolm have been there whenever I needed them, so patient with me and my nerves and really understanding, even if I had to do a manoeuvre 15 times just to make it perfect they would be there encouraging and supporting! Could not have passed with flying colours without them !”
Tyler Evans


“A big thank you to the wonderful Malcolm & Pauline for all their help with getting me on the road. I passed my test today, first time and with only 1 minor and can only say that it’s all because of them! They are super supportive and calm, providing helpful feedback to make even the most nervous of us feel at ease. Highly recommend to everyone.”
Peggy Romer


“Both Pauline and Malcolm have been great to learn with. Through their teaching and experience I was able to past first time. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for professional, patient driving instructors to learn with.”
Adam Tingle


“Pauline and Malcolm have been incredible instructors. Not only have they taught me really well, they have boosted my confidence a lot. They have been so patient and really understanding and I couldn’t have wished for better. They truly are remarkable and lovely people. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Thank you so much for getting me that pass!”


Claire Holder


“The best driving instructors in the Forest of Dean – Pauline and Malcolm helped so much with my driving and made me feel comfortable and confident, they are lovely people and would recommend them highly!”


Maddison Meek


“Thanks to Pauline and Malcolm for helping me pass my driving test I couldn’t of asked for more, from day one I felt at ease both Pauline and Malcolm are incredibly friendly, you can tell that they are dedicated to helping you pass and I can’t imagine having better instructors. Making the whole experience very enjoyable and helping to keep me calm on my test day, 1000% would recommend to everyone wanting to learn, Thank you Pauline and Malcolm.”


Harry Morgan


“Pauline and Malcolm have taught me how to drive safely yet effectively. Having two instructors meant that I didn’t get used to one teaching style. I was not just able to learn how to drive for the test- but also for life. Going to a range of different places and facing different surroundings developed a confidant driver within myself. I can recommend Pauline and Malcolm very confidently. They made my driving journey very joyful and made me actively enjoy driving. Thank you both.”


Alfie Barnett


Malcolm and Pauline are fantastic teachers. They have given me the confidence to learn to drive in my 40s, and gain this life skill which I previously thought beyond me. They have the knowledge and experience to explain all aspects of safe, confident driving. I looked forward to my lessons and felt I always came away with new or improved techniques and understanding. Their patient, friendly approach has let me progress at my speed and, amazingly, enabled me to pass my test in little over a year. Thank you so much for showing me how to enjoy being behind the wheel. You’re the best.
Matthew Macer-Wright


“Pauline and Malcolm are very supportive teachers, if you are concerned about having driving lessons due to confidence this isn’t a issue with either of them. They teach you at all times with a calm tone and friendly approach, which is suitable for nervous drivers. I was very nervous with very little confidence when I started my driving but they have both built me up to become a safe and eager student wanting to be on the road. They will always be patient with your abilities and downfalls throughout. I highly recommend them both, if it wasn’t for their certain approach towards me I wouldn’t be a happy, safe driver today.”
April Vanston


” Really good teachers, they help you with all the processes of going through the driving system. they are both extremely calm and both bring something different to the drive whether it is driving tips or the occasional good conversation.”
Sam Teague


” Both amazing instructors,with great support and patience. I was a very nervous driver and thought I could never do it, but with their knowledge and expertise they boosted my confidence and I passed first time. Simply the best!! ”
Rebecca James

Ross on Wye

“Want to say a huge thanks to Pauline, Malcolm and Russell. I was a nervous driver to begin with, however became at ease more with their support and patience. Extremely thorough and always putting my needs first at all times. Thank you!”
Megan Wright

Berry Hill

“Malcolm and Pauline are both excellent, patient teachers. They will both strive to help you gain the skills necessary not only to pass your test but also to continue driving safely long after you’ve acquired your license and their friendly, relaxed approach will make you feel at ease whilst still making sure that you’re getting the most out of every lesson.”
Matthew Showell


“Malcolm, Pauline and Russell are all great instructors who all go out of their way to make you the best you can be, they teach their lessons in a calm manner and you achieve your goals every lesson, with their instruction and your own hard work you will be driving before you know it, I would like to say a big thank you again and I will gladly recommend you”
Dan Crook


“I passed first time with 2 minor faults and couldn’t have done it without Pauline and Malcolm! Both so patient and thorough in how they teach and would 100% percent recommend! I’m a very nervous driver but I would not have been able to drive confidently without their encouragement so thank you”
Niamh Ford


“When starting to learn to drive, I had heard such lovely things about Pauline and Malcolm’s driving school I felt like it would be only right for me to learn with them and although I only chose to have Pauline as my driving instructor many of my friends have Malcolm and Russell and they love it!
Having Pauline by my side throughout my lessons was an absolute gift, she put me at ease at all times and would never tell me off, she would just say how to put it better next time. She is truly one of the most endearing people I have every met and she helped me to PASS FIRST TIME, which was so exciting!!
I will always be extremely grateful for the most wonderful experience I have gained from learning to drive and for Pauline.”
Terri-Jayne Wyatt


“Would very highly recommend Pauline and Malcolm driving school! Amazing instructors and really helped me with my confidence overall on the roads. Huge thank you!”
Ella Didcott

Whitecroft, Nr Lydney

“Pauline and Malcolm are by far the best driving instructors that you could ever hope to be taught by. My feeling is that they must have had nerves of steel, the courage of a lion and the patience of a saint in order to continually be willing to teach me how to drive and successfully pass my test! Thank you so much, Ella Merrikin”
Danielle Merrikin


“I can’t thank Malcolm and Pauline enough, I have had 3 different instructors in the pass and they are definitely at the top. With such a calming teaching technique it 100% helped my nerves and confidence. I will be definitely recommending to family and friends !”
Danielle Lane


“Great tuition with good progression each lesson. With little driving experience before, they helped get me started very quickly and made it very easy for a beginner as well as always being very kind, friendly and patient !”
Michael Failey


“Pauline and Malcolm have been absolutely wonderful and were sympathetic and understanding with me when I first started out as a very nervous driver. Their excellent teaching enabled me to go out straight after passing my test and undertake a long journey on my own. They understood how important learning to drive was to me and did everything they could to get help. They are always reliable, friendly and very patient. Would highly recommend to anyone !”
Jamie Johnson


“Malcolm, Pauline & Russell are wonderful driving instructors who taught me how to drive from no car driving experience. They are very thorough and patient, and are great at explaining everything from the actual driving skills, to what to expect on the test. They really built up my confidence from being a nervous driver, to a confident one. I am looking forward to the independence that passing my test will bring me.”
Paul Yearley



Malcolm and Pauline are both fantastic driving instructors – very patient and always friendly.

I took a long break from driving (7 years) after failing my test with a previous instructor, but Malcolm and Pauline both raised my confidence and helped me to pass FIRST TIME with them.

Very good value for money and I’d thoroughly recommend to everyone.

Thanks again for your help both!”

Harry Ives


“Absolutely amazing couple, taught from the basics to the end, thoroughly enjoyable experience all round and straight to the point with learning all the specifics, one of the best experiences! Highly recommend!”


William Trigg


“I loved learning with Malcolm and Pauline and they never gave up on me. Friendly and reliable and are always pleasant!! They always encouraged me even if something didn’t go right! Highly recommend them!! Thank you again!!”
Harrison Boseley


“Both Malcolm and Pauline are superb instructors. They rescheduled their time to best suit my needs around my work, and their calm and experienced teaching style enabled me to pass first time after only a few months of lessons. I would highly recommend Malcolm and Pauline to anyone wanting to drive. Their skills and patience will help anyone onto the road in no time !”


George Mcleavy


“I am so happy in my choice of choosing Pauline and Malcolm as my driving instructors!! They have been absolutely brilliant in being patient with me and giving me everything i could possibly need to pass my driving test! They always made me feel comfortable and I constantly learnt new things from them. I could not recommend them enough as driving instructors! Thank you “


Charlotte Hewlett


“Pauline and Malcolm are fantastic instructors! Supportive and patient and have helped me build my confidence with driving. I highly recommend them to anybody. You won’t find better driving instructors! “


Emma Williams


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