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Looking for driving lessons in the new year ?

We are currently fully booked to the end of the current year ! But ....... if you are interested we are now taking bookings for January 2017 !  Why not let learning to drive be one of your New Year's resolutions ! We can provide Christmas gift vouchers and accept...

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Driving in ice and snow

It is coming around to that time of year again - heavy frosts, ice and sometimes heavy snow ! The Highway Code (Rule 228) says "DO NOT drive in these conditions unless your journey is essential". Also, before you set off Rule 229 states : you MUST be able to see, so...

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Christmas vouchers for driving lessons

Thinking of a suitable gift for your son or daughter for Christmas ? Why not treat them to a block of driving lessons - we offer a ten hour block for £240.00 !  For ease payment can be made using all the usual types of debit or credit card or bank transfer, and of...

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Information for new enquirers

Unfortunately the estimated time before we could start a new student is now in the region of four to six weeks (probably longer if you are only able to do evenings and weekends which are prime time slots)! There has been an unprecedented demand for our services over...

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Car maintenance tips – the cooling system

Engines run at high temperatures so it is essential to keep them cool, especially in the hot Summer months, otherwise they will overheat and this will result in expensive and unwanted repairs! The engine is surrounded by a jacket of liquid (coolant) which will help...

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